A Brief History

Siridhamma College was started to fulfill the need of Akmeemana seat by Educational Ministor of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Dr.Richard Pathirana in 1995. On 6 February 1995 Prime minister, late Mrs.Sirimavo Bandaranaike opened the school by registering first school child name. The first student name is M.G.Kanchana Dilhani Ranasinghe. The school was named as “Siridhamma College” for respecting to the monk, who was first graduated monk in Oxford university Honorable Thero Labuduwe Siridhamma.

The School started with 90 students and one building. Then it took students also to the grade 6 from the Grade 5 Scholarship Test and grow up school students. With the growth of school and it became more and more popular in country. With increasing number of students school get expanded with new buildings and basic needs. When school students are all over the country in 1999 school took hostel for far students who attending to the school


Siridhamma College,
Labuduwa, Galle
Sri Lanka.


(+94) 091 222 4475