Golden Segue, an uninterrupted music experience premier show ended up with Sold-out..and huge crowd. its a massive successful achievement of Siridhamma College Old Pupils Association.
Here we are thanking, Mihindu AriyaratneSanuka WickramasingheRaini Charuka Goonatillake and Ridma Weerawardena For performing their best before the audience. And also Legato live band and Legato Soundscape for backing up with adrenaline pumping beat to the artists. Also we are thanking M2 lights for giving new lighting, video wall experience to Galle.
All above things are not successful without you. We archived this because of nice audience like you. Thank you for joining us for this 20th October event.
Last, but not least we are also grateful to our sponsors and everyone who helped us to make this event memorable to Galle.
Thank you.

“If there is a will – There is a way”

Thank you mother #Dhammian.
See you again with Golden Segue v.2