About us

The Association of representives of Old Pupils’ Societies of us organization whose objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of views and experiences between representatives of old pupils’ societies

We are the Siridhammians are success in fulfilling the dreams of our mother Siridhamma by good and successful citizens who are enriched with the education not only that we had also good qualities. we practiced good habits and leadership qualities. Today we success because of these things.

Our school has only a short history. it is only 23 years. we have also small old pupil collection. but we through to found an old pupil association for to do service to our mother Siridhamma. we established our mother OPA in 7th October 2012.

Now we are in sixth year after found OPA. the association shall be managed by executive committee. year to year we held general meetings and selected the executive committee and other committee members.

Today we have gathered around our mother Siridhamma College to promote the welfare of school and pupils, to guiding the present generation to develop the facilities and lot of purposes. now we success as an organization by entity comprising multiple people and yet we are in good level. we have good companionship and therefore best suited to go forward.


Siridhamma College,
Labuduwa, Galle
Sri Lanka.


(+94) 076 418 7343